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Swami and Wry

He sees all: "The Amazing Schutzini" (June 22) did it again. In his uniquely insightful and incendiary way, he reminded us all that the pain and frustrations through which we now suffer have a greater purpose...and that the future of Dallas is bright, but it will take some bloodshed for us to realize the promise of our city. I happen to think he's right: Dallas will be a better place in five years. Especially if, as he predicts, Angela Hunt is at the helm!

Jeremy Gregg


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Blood stains: Thanks very much for this right-on-target column. Your predictions for blood in neighborhoods have an opportunity to come true in East Dallas before it even could along Preston Road, though.

The Emerald Isle condo tower would certainly destabilize a very successful and beautiful White Rock Lake neighborhood if it gets done in its proposed form (nearly 200-foot height, about as big as the State Fair Ferris wheel, just what everyone wants to live underneath). That project is wending its way toward the plan commission and council this very year.

My neighborhood is also directly threatened by the precedent that would be set by such a project getting done right in the middle of the White Rock Lake View Corridor (see the Forward Dallas plan for more on that), and right by the Garland Road transit corridor. My neighbors and I don't want to lose our own homes to this type of high-density redevelopment. I'm sure no neighborhood in Dallas does.

I hope the scenario you describe will be stopped before it decimates any Dallas property owner or successful neighborhood.

Christie Turner

President, Little Forest Hills Neighborhood Association

Angela's masses: Angela Hunt has won me over. I initially opposed her for two reasons: her alliance with Princess Velveeta Lill and her obsession with conservation districts and the little fuhrers they generate. Then I opposed her when she bought into the Ray Hunt tax abatement last year.

Her work trying to derail or revise the "Dallas Forward" scam has been incredible. It cancels out most of my concerns. Unlike Lill (who sold out her former supporters to curry favor with developers), Hunt spoke in concise, strong language.

Hunt was very dramatic without being an insufferable drama queen like Princess Velveeta.

Another comparison to Miller that Schutze omitted: Angela Hunt was willing to be one of two losing votes, knowing that some of her colleagues will hold that against her in the future. Certainly, The Dallas Managed News will not forget her straying from the majority path.

Sharon Boyd


Batting .500

Maybe he's Irish: I think your article (Ask a Mexican) is very funny. I find it hard to believe that you are a Mexican or part Mexican yourself. The way you stereotype Mexicans is hilarious! I have never heard of such a big sellout as yourself. You, sir, have managed to anger all the Mexicans that read the Dallas Observer. Are you sure you are not a white guy pretending to be Mexican? Why don't you take your sorry writing skills, go to Mexico and see what they say about you there? Plus, more than half your answers are inaccurate. Maybe if you titled your article "Ask Gustavo" and actually had interesting questions/answers I wouldn't complain, but you need to quit trippin'.

Liz Guevara


Swing Low

Was it something we said?: Bravo for the article on the Garland Road bridge ("A Bridge Too Low," by Glenna Whitley, June 22). The problem's been there forever, and trucks are stuck at least once a week. I have photos of June 14 and 15 trucks. I've decided to keep a collection. I noticed DART out there yesterday looking at the bridge for some reason.

Bob Johnston


Majority Report

No it wasn't: I say this with the utmost respect, but I say it just the same: Get a life. Manders' "Brokeback Mountain" is just a song, for God's sake ("Mind Over Manders," by Rob Patterson, May 18). And a funny one, at that.

I'd expect your kind of self-righteous political correctness where I go to school in California but not here at home. Your arrogance is unbelievable, casting Manders as some kind of hateful extremist, when in reality, his song (by poking fun at that movie) expresses the views of the majority of North Texans.

You, sir, are not morally superior to Manders or to anyone else that thinks Brokeback Mountain is, at best, a laughable film. His is a funny song, and he need not attend "sensitivity training" in order that he may become a cowering, pusillanimous liberal.

Now, I realize how much that would please you, being in the political minority around these parts, but may I recommend a move to the West Coast in order that your views might fall on more welcome ears. There you may immerse yourself in the shrinking sea of liberalism, bathing forever in the cowardly security of others just as self-righteous as you. There you may freely label your dissenters as homophobes and racists and sexists and "douchebags" (of the year), thereby eliminating the need for reasoned arguments and logical debate. There you'll never have to read a letter like this again, as you live forever unopposed in the pretentious mire of your own conceit.

Get over yourself. It's just a song.

Ian Abernathy


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