Taking a Spin on St. Vincent

Taking a Spin on St. Vincent

Fine, don't take my word for it. There's always Spin, which, in its latest issue, touts Annie "St. Vincent" Clark's "Now. Now." as one of the mag's "Songs You Need to Download Now!" Regarding the former Polyphonic Spree'r, Spin spins:

"Her waifish presence and lilting voice peg Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, as just another Bjork wannabe -- except that her songs and guitar playing are pure enchantment."

Also among the top tunes this month: this and this. And if you wanna hear "Now. Now.," the best you can do at the moment is go here. I'd send you to Spin's site, only it's four months out of date. --Robert Wilonsky


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