Taking Its Toll

Just wanna give a big thanks and Merry Christmas to the folks at the North Texas Tollway Authority, who, last night at 8, reduced the number of southbound Wycliff Toll Plaza booths to four -- two for the TollTag users, two for folks paying with cash (or those trying to exit Wycliff) -- without warning. Well, I guess technically they did give a heads-up to folks who visit the NTTA Web site (for the free porn, no doubt). Me, not so much; hence my surprise at the back-up to Mockingbird Lane on a Friday before a three-day weekend, when I thought all the goyim were already spiking the egg nog.

And, so's ya know now instead of later, it also says that come mid-January, northbound lanes will also be reduced to four lanes so "construction crews [can] continue with pavement reconstruction, safety improvements and to build a new toll plaza." Construction's not expected to be completed till mid-summer 2007. Looks like I need a new route to work for Christmas. If you're just dying to know what the toll plaza will look like when it's finished, go here. One question: Where did downtown go? --Robert Wilonsky


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