Taking One More Step Down Katy Trail

Taking One More Step Down Katy Trail
The city expects to begin construction of Katy Trail Phase III by no later than March.

On Friday, the Friends of the Katy Trail posted photos of two new entrances: the Beasley staircase at Hall Street and the Tao of Warren at Armstrong Boulevard, paid for with private funds. On Wednesday, the council takes its own baby steps toward completing the Katy Trail: It will vote to spend $809,298 paving Phase III of the trail, which runs (more or less) along DART and ONCOR rights-of-way between McCommas Street and Sandhurst Streets -- with most of that money ($647,438.34, to be precise) coming from the feds' Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program.

The city hopes to begin work on the extension in March and have it wrapped in a year, which is swell and all, but Phase VI: The Undiscovered Country, which might break ground by December, is the one to watch.

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