Tarnished Star|No Big Deal

"Tarnished Star," by Richie Whitt, May 1

I liked the article. However, you're both on and off the mark! I was born and raised in "D-town." Every Sunday I watch the Cowboys and scrutinize the team's every move with honesty and open-mindedness. No doubt Pacman's arrival in Dallas is almost sure to backfire in Jerry Jones' face, but Jones is the epitome of a great owner with his hands-on approach.

Pacman definitely understands that this is his last chance in the NFL, and lo and behold, Jerry Jones is willing to take a chance. It's all in the name of winning. Furthermore, like Terrell Owens and Tank Johnson, yes, Adam Jones has had some serious issues in his young life, but we all deserve another chance for a fresh start. Besides, Valley Ranch's Scared Straight Program is sure to fix anything else he may be going through.


Pacman Jones

Cincinnati should be referred to as a halfway house, if not the San Quentin of the NFL! Those players have weekly bets on who's going to get thrown in the clink. The Dallas Cowboys have a long history of taking our chances with players that come with much more than good skills.

Keith September, via dallasobserver.com

I went to college with Pacman Jones. He was a jerk then and obviously is still a jerk now. I would prefer not living in the same city as him...again.

Heather, via dallasobserver.com

I'd rather have a team that I can tell my kids proudly about than something called the Cowboys or Dolphins. When I was raised, I looked up to sports figures. I met some of them, and they told me that I have to be good in school and get an education.

Today it does not matter if you have 20 felony convictions—being stopped with a DUI, shooting and owning illegal guns, fighting with police. As long as you are good in sports, all this is just fine. Your team will take care of things. And if it had not been for the huge public interest, Michael Vick would be the starter last year and next year, and you know this is true.

Where has the sports world come to when it is more important to win a game than to teach our children a message about honor and integrity? I will tell my children clearly that it is wrong to have Pacman reinstated.

I am outraged and saddened to see what turn the professional sports world has taken. It starts in college and only gets worse when you get up in the ranks. Teams, college and pro level, should be ashamed of their actions and apologize to every single fan for their actions. Teach children the true levels of life and not that it is OK to break the law as long as they succeed in sports.

Brandon, via dallasobserver.com

Regardless of all the fuss, Adam "Pacman" Jones will have a star on his helmet next season should he be reinstated. Times have not changed all that much, as far as I can see. You still have guys who try to be good role models for the kids, and you still have ones who have issues. What's changed? Adam Jones was once a little boy with dreams of being a football star. Put yourself in his place and ask yourself if you would want someone to believe in you and give you the opportunity to change and be successful. Also, consider how many times in your life that you may have gotten down on your knees and asked God to forgive you for something you may have done or said. According to my Bible, if you asked, then you were forgiven. WWJD?

Robert, via dallasobserver.com

"No Big Deal," by Pete Freedman, May 1

Yeah, wait until you attend your own awards show, then see how you feel. When you have that sinking, ulcerous feeling in the pit of your stomach on your drive home that night, you'll know you've truly "arrived" in Dallas.

Defensive Listening, via dallasobserver.com

I've attended five Dallas Observer Music Awards. Pete, you've never been to one. So you wouldn't know that those shows empty out early as well. Every year. People go for free beer and free food. All of that is cashed early. And it's on a weeknight. When will either Quick or the Observer figure out that if you're striving to throw a HUGE party, you have to do it on a weekend?

Gluesniffer, via dallasobserver.com


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