Teen Charged With Capital Murder in Fatal Beating of 20-Month-Old

On July 20, Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to a call in the 4500 block of Cowan and found 20-month-old Trey Jenkins unresponsive.

Jenkins was transported to Children's Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy determined he died of blunt-force trauma to the chest and stomach that was too severe to survive for more than a few minutes.

Yesterday, police arrested Alexdener Roberson on a charge of capital murder. According to an arrest affidavit, Roberson was the live-in boyfriend of and father of an infant daughter by Precious Williams, Trey's mother.

Wiilliams had left Trey in Roberson's custody. During a diaper change, Roberson reportedly said that Trey became "real cranky," then unresponsive.

Roberson's in Dallas County lockup right now with bail set at $1 million. You can read the affidavit after the jump. It's not particularly graphic but it deals with the violent death of a child.


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