Texas Cookin', or: Joe Nick Patoski Gets Guy Clark to Spill the Secret to Songwriting

Joe Nick Patoski 's a friend -- a hero also. One of the sharpest, wisest, wittiest and warmest nonfiction writers Texas has ever produced; one could do worse than attempt to emulate the Fort Worth native and UTEP'er presently at work on that book about the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Texans . Certainly, Jeff Liles couldn't have done better when he asked Joe Nick to moderate last night's Q&A with the great Guy Clark at the Kessler.

That's clear in the video above, 14:47 of pure gold from two of Texas's best. I love it when Joe Nick says to Guy, "You write songs, sometimes the songs are writin' you ." Another highlight among many, Clark's advice to aspiring songwriters: "Listen to Dylan Thomas read his own work." Your work-week musical farewell forthcoming. Till then, on the other side from last night's performance, "The Guitar." But one classic amongst many.

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