The Bridge On the Lane Mockingbird

The Bridge On the Lane Mockingbird

What you see above is the "841-ft long, 16-ft wide signature pedestrian bridge over Mockingbird Lane" that the city hopes to have up and running (see what I did there?) by December 2011, fingers and toes crossed. Of course, that's if the city can find the walking-around money to fund Phase VI of the Katy Trail extension from McCommas Boulevard to the White Rock Station. (The feds are expected to fund a big hunk of the Ellsworth-to-Worcola part of the project -- $6.48 million of the $8.1 million it's guesstimated to run.)

But finding the rest of the dough is but one of many hurdles the city, the county, TxDOT and DART have to leap before this whole project's done -- hence the reason three phrases and stages were yanked out of the Katy Train extension project back in '06. Still, the council's Quality of Life committee is going to take another walk around the project at noon Monday in the hopes of getting construction off the ground by no later than December 2010.

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