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The Creepy Crawlies

Slithering down my back: I am ecstatic! I have been researching Morgellons Disease for over a year now, trying to find some sort of explanation. My first encounter with a symptom was in my home. Just out of the shower I felt a strong slither down my back. Creepy as crap! I had never heard of anything remotely close to such a symptom. During the first few months I was arguing with my doctor every visit. I refused to return to him because of this. I moved across town and changed my number. Then the doctor received information on Morgellons Disease and was amazed that its symptoms were identical to mine. He had to track me down to apologize and give me this new info. The first year it was very difficult to find any information on the Internet about this disease. This since has changed dramatically. I was getting upset that the Dallas area had not reported anything to its public, even though Dallas ranks as one of the most affected cities. I have no clue as to how many others like me thought the same, but I would like to thank everyone who helped this story make it to the Dallas media. This was the first publicly released information in our area on this terrifying subject. I cannot thank you enough.

Dawna Field


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Pasta, whatever: That article on "Morgies" was hysterical! A disease with no known or such varied "symptoms" is usually psychological or something more logical--there's a host of real disorders that this could be. Just the fact that there's no evidence of these fibers or pasta growing out of people...well, you know, don't you? It was a fun read on a lazy summer day, though. Keep us posted on any developments, mmmkay?

William Phelan


Morgellons sufferer: I have had Morgellons Disease for more than 15 years. I've written to several news stations here in San Diego County over the last year and a half. They don't care. They've never even written back.

I've been to the top infectious disease specialist in the county, who did nothing even though I asked him to call for an investigation. Several other disease specialists read my medical report from my primary doctor who knew something was really present, but all of the other specialists refused even to see me, along with a dermatologist who listened to me for a minute then refused to look at me.

Nobody believes this, nobody cares, and this is spreading fast. I have struggled for several years between working and being disabled. There are not any options--it's as though they'd like me to just die and disappear. And what would my family do? I have a wife and children. I can barely function.

No, the fibers and itching are not the most serious aspects of the disease--it's the disabling fatigue, the body pain and the difficulty thinking, focusing and concentrating, even difficulty in speaking on many occasions.

Will somebody please care?

I know of Travis Wilson and had spoken to his mother on the phone before he died. I often feel the same as young Travis did. I feel alienated from the world and from life. The zeal of life was lost long, long ago.

Richard Vigil

Lakeside, California

Getting Some

A better Bizkit: Saying that the Uncontrollable Urge ("Whole Wheat Bizkit," by Darryl Smyers, July 20) sounds anything like Limp Bizkit is insulting and inaccurate. The similarities end at rocking grooves and sometimes distorted guitars, but while plenty of bands have those two things, the Uncontrollable Urge's sound is undeniably experimental and unique. Furthermore, the skill with which the members of TUU play their instruments, combined with their inventive and meaningful songwriting, is nothing short of phenomenal and clearly illustrates that they have more talent in one of their pinky nails than the entirety of Limp Bizkit.

Everyone in our band has tremendous respect for the Uncontrollable Urge and is frequently awed by their live performances. And while they may have confidence in their band, the guys in the band have always been nothing but humble, friendly and down-to-earth.

So, while I would have preferred the article without the Limp Bizkit reference, I do want to thank you for an otherwise good article about a great local band that deserves more attention.

Michael Raphael


Mesmerized: I just want to send my thanks to Darryl Smyers and the Dallas Observer for this article. I first went to see this phenomenal band years ago, and while I haven't been into heavy music since my head-banging days as a teen, I was mesmerized! Everything, from the music itself to the performance and stage presence, thrilled me to the core. And I'm equally thrilled to read this article--so true and well thought out! Every good band needs exposure. I'm glad to see the Uncontrollable Urge getting some!

Dani Martinez

Santa Fe

A Holler for Harwood

High standard: Another great article ("The Allure of Azure," by Jim Schutze, July 20). Harwood is a wonderfully responsible developer, and they should be praised. I believe that if all developers were held to their standard, we would have a much better city. Our city needs to get a little backbone, especially when granting zoning changes and incentives. Keep up the good work.

Dick Brink


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