The Dallas Cowboys: Seven Coaches and a Baby

In this week's Dallas Observer column in which I surmise that Wade Phillips is entering his last season - win, lose or drawl - I tell the story of riding up a training camp elevator with the Dallas Cowboys' head coach.

Sounds riveting, I know. But wait, there's more! Watching Wade interact with a young'un turned into a psychological exercise.

Faced with a baby asleep in a stroller, Phillips bent down, got this big, sweet, smile on his face and offered in his best Texas drawl - "Aww, sacked out." It was actually a neat moment. An NFL head coach on the eve of a grueling, demanding, month-long training camp acting, well, perfectly human.

As usual, it got me to thinking.

Whereas Phillips morphed into doting grandpa when faced with the zonked out kiddo, I can't help but imagine how the other head coaches in Cowboys' history would've handled the encounter ... 


Tom Landry: "Hi there, future Cowboy."

Jimmy Johnson: "(Crickets)"

Barry Switzer: "Look at you, you cute lil' somebitch!"

Chan Gailey: "Well, I reckon this is my floor. Wait, no it ain't. Is it?!"

Dave Campo: "I'll have to ask Jerry."

Bill Parcells: "See, babies in Joy-zee don't require sleep, mmm 'kay?"


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