The Dallas Observer Needs a New Editor

Hey, let's take this new web site's block-quote function for a spin. Here's a memo I sent to the staff a short while ago. If you have any ideas about what we should look for in the next Dallas Observer editor, leave them in the comments. If you suggest fictional characters or wild animals, please provide a sense of any additional technology needs that might arise. 

As I told the edit staff this morning, I have decided to leave the Observer and go looking for new adventures. I'll be around another month or so (and still in Dallas beyond that, of course), but we have already begun the search for my replacement. Should that search last longer than a month, Patrick [Williams, managing editor] will man the ship in the interim. He will kill it, as always. 

This is obviously bittersweet. I'm excited about my new path, which will involve a lot of reporting and writing, including a book. I'm also genuinely thrilled at the prospect of someone new, with new blood and new ideas and new energy, helping steer this remarkable institution and talented staff into the future.

That said, it will be hard to let the door shut behind me. I've been here four-plus years, and with the company for longer than a decade. My career — my adult life, really — was forged in cubicles and bars here, in Cleveland, in Kansas City and in Denver, always surrounded by the best brand of weirdos in America. No matter what happens next, I suspect I'll always feel like an alt-weekly guy, and not just because of that paper rack I stole from Scene Magazine.

More wistfulness to come, obviously. In the meantime, if you have any ideas about the new editor, or anything else, please shoot me a note or swing by.


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Joe Tone
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