The Day Provides Yet Another Campaign Season Highlight: A New Dwaine Caraway Radio Ad

Many thanks to the great Rudolph Mantooth Bush, head scorekeeper at The News's City Hall Blog, who has shared Mayor Dwaine Caraway's sequel to his Payday Loan King ad slamming Mike Rawlings for his six-year stint on the board of directors of Ace Cash Express. But it's so much more.

Because, you see, it was only yesterday that Rawlings's campaign posted to the YouTube his latest campaign ad in which Roger Staubach reads from The News's endorsement of his good friend, the former homeless czar, and says "he's a great leader we can trust."

Seems Caraway's not fond of the ad -- or calls being made by the Rawlings campaign in which he says he's got Staubach's nod, while Ron Natinsky has the support of Mayor Dwaine Caraway. "Is that a slap?" Caraway asks in the ad below. "Because Roger Staubach is greater than the folks in the southern sector and Dwaine Caraway?" Listen to the whole thing. Make it your ringtone. Please, campaign season, don't quit me now.

Say, what's this email that just arrived from the Service Employees International Union's Texas coordinator ...?
Dwaine Caraway's Latest Radio Ad by Dwaine Caraway

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