The Dumbest Video I've Ever Seen. Shame on you, Fox. Shame.

Since I'm usually on 105.3 The Fan as part of the Dallas Cowboys pre-game show, I no longer get to partake in Fox NFL Sunday.

My reaction: Praise Allah.

Because after seeing this video and learning that this "The King and Us" series is now a weekly staple, I'm embarrassed for Curt, Terry, Howie, Michael and Jimmy. Well, Terry not so much. But this is ridiculous.

I'm all for push-the-envelope edgy humor and I'm a Family Guy animation groupie, but this is just so ... so ... insanely stupid.

The lowlights ...

*The annoying robot actually has a name? And it's Cleatus? Perfect.

*Burger King's creepy, giant-headed mascot should in no way being poking fun at no one.

*Why are there two helmets in some players' lockers? Sorry, that doesn't happen.

*Um, there's no practice field outside Cowboys Stadium.

*Making fun of Jessica Simpson's weight is so last summer. Don't look now, but she's skinny - and hot - again.

*Wade Phillips jokes that "we could use a defensive tackle," but in a 3-4 defense there are no defensive tackles. There is a nose tackle. And there are defensive ends. I know, details schmeetails.

*To Fox's credit, Wade's character is actually spot on. Except, unfortunately, he will make it through the season.

*Why do the players have their names on the front of their jerseys?

*And, most damning, why in the world is the animated Tony Romo wearing No. 13? Is Fox saying the quarterback is unlucky or merely as cocky - and crappy - as Mike Vanderjagt?

I know it's all a joke, but with oversights like that I can't take it seriously.


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