The Eyes of the BCS Critics Are Upon ... Texas

The Eyes of the BCS Critics Are Upon ... Texas

Ironic, isn't it, that last year Texas was a great, sympathetic team that got rejected, and this year the Longhorns are a good, criticized team that's getting the royal treatment?

Colt McCoy lost the Heisman Trophy last Saturday night in Arlington. Does Texas still deserve a chance to win the National Championship?


Admit it OrangeBloods, that was lucky.

*Leading 12-10, Nebraska's kickoff sails out of bounds, giving you possession at the 40.

*The 15-yard horse collar penalty.

*McCoy, who was obviously clueless about the game clock, throws a pass that hits a shoulder-high, luxury suite railing with 1 second remaining. The ball misses the rail -  and instead hits ground first maybe a half-second later - and we'd be talking about one of the biggest gaffes in the history of college football by its all-time winningest quarterback.

Not real sure Texas gets credit for any of those positive outcomes. But Hunter Lawrence does for his clutch field goal that gave the Longhorns a 13-12 victory and a date with Alabama in the title game Jan. 7 in the Rose Bowl.

Like a lot of the country, ABC's Brent Musberger was uncontrollably giddy when it appeared a Cornhuskers' upset would create "BCS chaos!"

I'd like to see TCU have a shot at Texas and Cincinnati get a shot at Alabama and ... oh, forget it. There a thousand fair ways to determine a college football champ, present company excluded.

As for the Heisman, I'm afraid McCoy threw away his chance with three interceptions and the last-second brain fart. The post-season awards should go down like this:

Davey O'Brien - McCoy

Doak Walker - Alabama's Mark Ingram

Heisman - Nebraska defensive lineman Ndumakong Suh

He is, after all, the best, most dominant player in college football. Right?


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