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"The Fall Guy," by Jim Schutze, February 26

Start making sense

Jim Schutze highlights what was a blatantly ridiculous stance by The Dallas Morning News editorial board. This is, of course, the same board that had a problem with Farmers Branch holding landlords accountable to renting to illegal aliens. Irrational, perplexing nonsense is pretty much standard for the News.



I think that crime and social pathology follows poverty. Unfortunately there will probably always be poor people, so blaming their landlords is on balance a pretty nonsensical stance.

I think the blame for the violence that goes along with that poverty and social pathology rests squarely with the criminalization of drugs. We spend an enormous amount of money on this war against drugs, and every day it gets worse. One should have learned in Prohibition that criminalization will never end abuse of a substance. Decriminalization of drugs will take away the money and much of the crime and violence that has turned our cities into battlegrounds and caused us to imprison more of our citizens than is conscionable.

Of course we could always try the Israeli way. Fence them in, control them with checkpoints and when they get out of hand just bomb them into the Stone Age. Apparently the News and most of America has no problem with that approach.

Gregory A. Stephenson, Dallas

"Stage Fright," by Jennifer Elaine Davis, March 5

It's a Man's World

The trouble with the standard journalistic practice of using male pronouns to address both genders is that I can read something addressed to the news-reading Everyman and get sideways punched by the sudden discovery that you really do mean every MAN. That is exactly what happened with March 5's Observer blurb about the Out of the Loop festival. I'm tooling along thinking, 'Hey, I like Star Wars and Converse and Brit rock,' and then, bam—turns out the reason I should go to theater is to pick up chicks. I guess maybe you didn't need to persuade me, a chick, since I must already go out to Addison every week, where I wait for a hip man to take me away from all the theatricality.


Romie Stott, Dallas

"Attitude Adjustment," by Richie Whitt, March 5

Really, it's a man's world

I was touched by your article on Special Olympics. Your courage and honesty in confessing a generally cynical attitude and the impact of the experience made the article more special. I finished the article with a nice warm feeling and decided to read your Sportatorium.

Sexist. Burst my bubble in the first line. You associate Wade Phillips being muzzled as wearing a skirt. Surely you know better—sexism just fell out of your pen. Your attitude adjustment is a work in process.

Eileen Purdy

Richie, I just finished your article and was compelled to drop you a note. From my cell phone, no less. I'm a 45-year-old man with two healthy teenage children. Your article was a great inspiration. I applaud your effort to bring these kids' story to light and can't tell you how you were able to bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye at the same time. Times seem tough right now for many, but a little better today. Thanks to you.

Can't tell my kids I wrote you 'cause I don't want to ruin my reputation as a grumpy old man...but I will make them read your article.

Keep up the great work!

Mike Nelson, Dallas

"Crazier in Love," by Rob Harvilla, March 5

Smaller words, Please

This has got to be the worst article ever written. Instead of trying to show off your massive vocabulary or how skilled you are at using a thesaurus, how 'bout writing articles that are easy for all readers to understand? I would bet that you never darkened the door of a journalism class. If you had, you would know better.

Kay from Atlanta, via


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