The Good Guys Already Good-er: Gary Cole!

Last month we took a long, hard look at FOX's The Good Guys , with Friend of Unfair Park Howard Wen offering a few suggestions how Matt Nix might improve the hour-long set-here-shot-here cop comedy starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. It returns a week from Friday in its new time slot -- hence, the fall sneak peek at top featuring that Observer box gettin' adiosed -- and it sounds like Nix has indeed retooled the series a wee bit: As he tells Entertainment Weekly in its new fall-teevee roundup, "What we've found is we've been most excited about the episodes that have really focused on the interactions between the characters rather than the big cases."

Danny " Machete " Trejo and Ed Begley Jr. (as Hanks's dad, I do believe) are set to guest upon the show's return; elsewhere, there are reports of a new female character being added to the cast ; and EW sends word that Nix has indeed cast the oft-mentioned Frank, Whitford's former partner -- and, why, it's none other than Bill Lumbergh hisself . That's grrrrreat.

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