The Mayor's Following the Money

Shortly after we posted the item below concerning the mysterious $20 bill from David Dean that wound up in the city council horseshoe this morning, Mayor Laura Miller responded with her thoughts about what's turning into a nasty, messy situation. This is what she has to say in an e-mail sent to Unfair Park:

"If David Dean wants to start withdrawing or repaying the city for inappropriate and extravagant travel expenses, there are a lot more of them than the $20 bill he cavalierly flipped to a City Hall employee this morning to reimburse us for his employee's beer tab at two dinners. Councilmember Bill Blaydes decided to distribute a xerox copy of that $20 bill to the City Council this morning, though his name was not on it, and I had to ask aloud who had put it at our briefing room places to see. I took that opportunity to show the council a large, heavy stack of Dean, city council and city staff travel receipts, totaling more than $100,000, that I am currently combing through and will be distributing the highlights of to my colleagues shortly.

I also publicly asked the seven who voted last Wednesday to significantly increase this professional lobbyist's fees and expense account to a minimum of $515,000 a year - Blaydes, Griffith, Oakley, Natinsky, Salazar, Garcia and Medrano - to please move to reconsider their vote at next Wednesday's council meeting so we can review all of these expenditures and add some long-overdue restrictions on how he spends taxpayer money. Any one of them can move to reconsider their 'yes' vote, but I need to know by Friday so I can post it on the council's upcoming agenda. So far, none of the seven wants to reconsider his or her vote."

That last part doesn't come as a surprise. Just read the item below, specifically the last paragraph. --Robert Wilonsky


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