The Real "Goofball"

The Real "Goofball"

God help us: Christine Biederman, you ass hole, prick bitch!! I just read this past March 7-14 Observer!!

You M.K. whore what right have you to make an unnecessary quote in your article on and about Mr. Ron Kirk ("Selling Ron," March 7) our city of Dallas TX past mayor before his elected to office term to run for Mr. Phil Gramm senator seat!!

As you don't know me or I you keep your uncalled for quotes about me to yourself!! I could call you a whore operating off Harry Hines whether you are or not provided I had a media outlet to sell it to the public!! I have been in the city of Dallas and politics for well over forty years and I am highly educated and a IQ of 144!! Whats your education?? How long have you had your slimy nose stuck into Dallas TX politics??

I can assure you I'm not your quote in my picture with Mrs. Laura Miller (goof ball). Bitch, I'm not hard to get hold of day or night if you find anything I've said above to hack your ass!!

K. Billy Jack Ludwig
Mayor for the City of Dallas Come May 15, 2003

Editors' note: We thought we'd give our readers a taste of the real Billy Jack Ludwig, whom we incorrectly described in a photo caption as "frequent mayoral candidate/goofball." On second thought, the caption should have read "frequent mayoral candidate/hateful bigot."

Circle of Pain

Stage massacre: Don't ever let Elaine Liner wield a sword in lieu of the pen. The woman takes no prisoners! I admit, I have not yet seen Circle Theatre's The Countess ("Queen of Pain," March 21), but I have seen the high-quality onstage and behind-the-scenes work of most of those massacred in her latest review, and to say Liner's review of it was an over-the-top, mean-spirited diatribe is to put it mildly. Get this woman some medication and into therapy quickly! I would hope that editors require more of their writers than the journalistic equivalent of The Jerry Springer Show.

Alice Montgomery

What a Guy

Porsche lover: Re: Phil Romano--Wow! What a guy! Sixty-year-old man dumps wife of 26 years and marries 21-year-old who needs a new Porsche to pay attention to him ("Everybody Loves Romano," March 21). What a guy!

Name withheld

Tiger's Eye

Sign of a threat: Regarding the article "Catch Those Tigers" (February 28): The obvious fact that contributed to tiger provocation was that someone stood up. It would seem that this action resembled a "sign of threat," as you may see in a tiger's own realm. It seemed to the tiger that a threat was being made.

Further, the idea of transferring the guilt of human error and incautious behavior on to the tigers' owners does not constitute an issue of a threat to humans in the general populace, nor is it reasonable to conclude adequate facts were presented in authorization of the owners' licenses.

Glen Haley

Big for His Bridges

Waller's sequel: The article "Novel Idea" by Carlton Stowers (March 14) is an example of why I have been reading the Dallas Observer for years. I predate Laura Miller as a reader of the DO and its great investigative reporting and human-interest stories. I might not agree with all your investigative articles, but I have surely been educated by the facts.

Having been born and reared in Fort Stockton, Texas, about 60 miles from Alpine, this article caught my attention. Since reading the article, I have been totally consumed by Bridges of Madison County. I have re-read the book and rented the video.

I am eagerly awaiting the sequel, A Thousand Roads. The title was mentioned in the first sentence of Bridges. I guess Waller was thinking of the sequel even then. It seems also that Waller has done what Francesca failed to do, leave her family for another love.

Again, the DO has done a great article in "Novel Idea" in the tradition of Bridges: short, interesting, educational and powerful.

Juan-Paz Pena

Low Blow

Leave him alone: I may not be on the Pulitzer committee, but I wish to award you a Low Blow award for your lead story last week ("What, Me Worry?" March 14). What on earth is the point of lampooning the staff of another publication? As most of us unwashed work for OTHER PEOPLE, we do as OTHER PEOPLE wish, if we would like continuity of paycheck.

Steve Blow has written some pretty good stuff, 99 percent of which is better than this article about him. As I understand he does not want to become a former employee of The Dallas Morning News, I suggest you leave him alone and concentrate on other B-movie personnel, such as Benavides and Bolton.

P.D. Sterling


In the March 14 cover story "What, Me Worry?", the author of a column was misidentified. The column about San Antonio libraries was written by Grant Lyons, not Rick Casey. We regret the error.


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