The Resurrection of Sandy Kress, Part II

Speaking of old Observer stories ...

Back in 2000, now-editor Mark Donald wrote about "The Resurrection of Sandy Kress: Or, how a Democrat and reviled former DISD board president found a happy home pushing 'educational acoountability' for the GOP." Which seems worth a read this morning given yesterday's announcement that Kress has been tapped to serve as education fellow at the George W. Bush Institute; says here he will be charged with "directing education policy development and outreach." I also see that the folks at the George W. Bush Presidential Center have posted the entirety of George and Laura's speech at McFarlin Auditorium yesterday; after the jump, you'll find the glossy 30-page booklet handed out to the 1,500 who attended the former president and First Lady's talk outlining "their vision" for the joint.

George W Bush Presidential Center preview booket


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