The Sheep Are Listening

The Sheep Are Listening

Access to this tripe: "It's pretty sad when one of the greatest achievements by a Dallas musician is getting impregnated by Paul Simon..."

Hell, it's even more sad that this is the writer's perception and that an editor would post this shit (2002 Dallas Observer Music Awards, April 18). Someone should do a "Dallas Print Media Awards." They could start out with, "It's pretty sad when one of the greatest achievements by Dallas print media is to take cheap, un-witty stabs at people with talent to compensate for their own lack of..."

I have been in the Dallas music scene for two decades, and I will be the first to say there is something to be desired. However, people outside Dallas don't have all the access we do to hear the good stuff, and they do have access to this tripe. So please, in the future, try to encourage the people on the outside to try it before reading some closed-minded, I-am-smarter-than-you article that will prevent any positive exposure.

The media in Dallas have always been poised against the music scene, the whole time complaining. Why not try and promote it? This would bring new ears and new talent. Believe it or not, the sheep do pay attention to articles like this, and to start out a music awards issue with a bunch of whining is really great.

Way to go, editor. Why don't you read it first?

David Pasch
Via e-mail

Meow: Two awards that need to be added to the DOMA:

Best Use of a DOMA laminate: And the winner is...Marcus Striplin of Pleasant Grove. Marcus wore his laminate to the after-hours Prince show at the Red Jacket. The door people assumed he was writing about the show and waived the $60 cover charge for Marcus and his girlfriend. The club also made sure they had a great view of the stage.

Rudest Acceptance Speech: And the winner is...Sara "The Adventures of Loving Myself and Josh Fan Club" Radle. "I would like to thank all the people who work at clubs who didn't think I was just somebody's girlfriend at load-in."

Hey, Sara, you know that radio show that your boyfriend uses to shamelessly hype your "band?" Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the Dallas Observer readers who voted for you heard your name on your boyfriend's show? Or do you think you really sing better than Kim Pendleton?

Kimberly Love Duncan

Low Blow

Barretts have donated millions: In response to the story written by Eric Celeste titled "Bill Due" (April 18), I sometimes wonder if your paper should change its name to "The Dallas Morning News Observer" rather than the Dallas Observer. You always seem so bothered by what the DMN is up to these days. You bashed the Barretts' good name in this city just to make a point for your "Filler" story. I have lived in Highland Park and in Beverly Hills and know quite a lot of wealthy people who have millions and do not donate any money to any cause or get involved in anything important! Most wealthy people are cheap and selfish. Angie and Bill Barrett have donated millions and are involved in many charities and political issues.

They help the many citizens out there who are less fortunate. If they had a few too many drinks and fought, who cares! If they called City Hall for a favor, then that is their right--they did not demand action from District Attorney Bill Hill; they only wanted to see if their mistake could be kept quiet and cleared up in a legal manner. They supported Bill Hill in the past and now needed his support and in a legal manner. Is that so wrong? No laws were broken. I must say it was a funny article written by Eric Celeste, but at great expense to the Barretts' excellent reputation.

Low blow, Observer!

Russ Vandeveerdonk

All too real: Great job on the column about the big boys at The Dallas Morning News. I found it to be very well-written and, unfortunately, all too real. Seems many of our fine friends in the journalism biz, which I am in, are much more worried about the bottom line and not about what's right. Quite a shame, I say.

Wichita, Kansas

Tragic Tale

The true criminals: I read with amused contempt and pity the letters submitted to the Dallas Observer regarding Edwin Debrow Jr. ("12-year-old Killer," March 28), and I noted the celebratory nature in which many of them delighted in the fact that a 12-year-old can be sent to a prison to be raised while the true criminals, his parents, have escaped punishment from our justice system.

How can you not sympathize with this kid? How can you not sympathize with any child whose parents have chosen the path of least resistance instead of raising the children they bring into this world? That is the true crime.

Moreover, by not addressing the actions or lack thereof of the parents, locking kids up only delays the inevitable; more kids committing horrific crimes or murder. This time we need look no further than the city of Lewisville.

Edwin Debrow Jr.'s story is tragic because it took him killing someone before society gave a damn and paid attention.

Robert Lee Page


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