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The Smell of Mothballs

Worthless fuel pill: This was a great exposé about BioPerformance written by Rick Kennedy ("Running on Fumes," May 25). I was first exposed to this stuff in February by a business associate. He encouraged me to try it, but his emphasis was on the income potential, not how great the product was or that there was any reliable scientific data to back up the claims made about the effectiveness or safety of the product.

I really feel for those folks that bought into this pyramid scheme, caught up in the promise of limitless income under the guise of helping your neighbor while saving the environment and reducing dependence on foreign oil. Oh, and don't forget, the evil oil companies will try to shut us down as the media paints a negative picture about "our" company (you can see the psychology at work here).


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Andy Sterling


Paradise Lost

The good life: I used to live in Timbercreek in the '70s ("Looters," by Jim Schutze, May 18). I loved the setting along the natural streams. I would have been very sad if they had kicked me out so they could tear down paradise and put up a parking lot. My prayers go out to the families who will be displaced.

John Palmer

Jackson, Mississippi

Redeemed: Another great article, Jim. Thanks. By the way, I'm the guy who took you to task for your defense of Mary Mapes' shoddy journalism. I did that because I respect the work you do and that brief lapse in judgment really disappointed me. The situation you describe in "Looters" was the sort of thing single-member districts was supposed to stop. Remember that? I guess now it's just cheaper to buy off council members as you need them rather than buying the whole group, as was necessary under the at-large system. Keep up the good work!

Ron Bridges

Fort Worth

The Devil in Doyle

Crazy stuff: You rock! I was absolutely blown away by the Doyle Davidson article ("The Devil and Doyle Davidson," by Glenna Whitley, May 18). People need to be made aware of all the crazy stuff that goes on behind the doors of some of these churches. That was an important story--thank you.

Randy Reeves


Control freak: Concerning Doyle Davidson, suffice to say that those of his ilk are self-serving, ego-driven control freaks who pretty much destroy anyone's life that they come into contact with. It doesn't take much discernment to realize that he is as much in need of psychological treatment as some of his followers. How tragic for the families that have submitted their lives to his mind-control cult.

Keith A. Brown


Feet to the fire: Thank you for covering this story. It's about time someone exposes this man. I've watched this situation for several years, knowing that something horrible would eventually happen. The entire congregation looks like they have been turned into zombies. He does NOT represent the true Christian faith. Doyle's "ministry" has very little to do with authentic Christianity. You do have a wonderful example in your city, though. Chuck Swindoll is an incredible representation of Jesus Christ.

Please don't let up on Doyle. Keep his feet to the fire. It would be horrible to see more tragedy come from the situation. Thank you.

Denise Funk

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Plain old woman-hater: It is amazing that an egotistical, misogynist man like Mr. Davidson can have so much power over other people's thoughts and beliefs. I would love to have the chance to allow my inner demon to spit in his face. I'm sure that other people who are not so weak-minded as to believe this raving lunatic feel the same way. After reading this article, I feel my head rotating and spinning around in disgust. Perhaps my inner demon will hurl some pea-green soup all over his expensive suit. Now that would give him something to preach about!

Lynn Covington


Pity the children: Thank you for your research on this. At the end of reading it, one can only worry for the two surviving daughters and wonder why the husband and the minister still run free.

Lorlee Bartos


Up Close and Too Personal

Mean to Manders: Why attack a good and decent man like Mark David Manders? ("Mind Over Manders," by Rob Patterson, May 18). The song may have been in bad taste, but that does not give you the right to associate him with the word douchebag--gimme a break. While the song was a satire of the trends within pop culture, your attack was far more personal. I am sure there are a number of people who see things in the same light as yourself, and therefore that opinion should be voiced. Just wanted to let you guys know that not everyone out there takes these things so seriously and are able to see humor in the sarcasm. He's not even gonna release it commercially, and those that want to hear it have to seek it out.

Zac Kerbow



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