The Sounds of Deep Ellum

The Sounds of Deep Ellum

Over the last 24 hours, "juabeaux" has posted to YouTube an extraordinary cache of local-band performances from the late 1980s through the early '90s. Among their ranks are Melt, the New Bohemians, The End, Rev. Horton Heat, Billygoat and the Buck Pets; among the venues are places you used to go way back when, including Trees, Club Exodus, the Arcadia and Club Clearview.

So, which one to post this morning ... The Toadies' "Tyler"? The Buck Pets' "Iron Cock"? The New Bos' "Air of December"? Really, a nostalgist could spend all morning browsing through this history-of. Aw, who am I kidding. Here's Melt at Trees in 1991. Because I remember it like it was 16 years ago. --Robert Wilonsky

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