The Team-wrecker

During the Ring of Honor induction for the Triplets last fall, I asked Michael Irvin about Terrell Owens and the controversy of the moment—T.O.'s stream of negative comments about Eagles QB and multiple Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb. Irvin, of course, is buddies with T.O., who infamously agreed with Irvin's comments on ESPN that the Eagles would have gone undefeated had Brett Favre been Philly's starting QB. (By the way, I'm a lifelong Packer fan—grew up in Wisconsin, felt my legs go numb at one particular Milwaukee home game--and Favre absolutely stunk last year. In fact, he's declined steadily since Mike Holmgren left for Seattle.) Well, Irvin was adamant about two things: He never, ever criticized his quarterback in public, and a team can't stick together through an entire season of what T.O. was doing. Later that year, of course, the Eagles reached the same conclusion and suspended Owens for the remainder of the season. —Julie Lyons


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