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The Team-Wrecker

Stone him: Who would have thought? A member of the press using T.O. ("Terrible Owens," by Richie Whitt, December 28) as a catharsis for decades of frustration.

What was it—a woman? Being cut from the J.V. team?


Readers respond to "Terrible Owens," "The Hunted," more

There's gotta be something eating someone up who could hate a football player so much.

How about a few prop bets: When will the first sociologist do a peer-reviewed paper titled: "Popular Delusions and the Madness of the Media: The Demonization of Terrell Owens by Sports Journalists"?

And who will be the first writer to take a fall because Owens took them to court and won a suit for defamation?

John Carpenter

New York, New York

Send them the human germ: What's the next team you want T.O. to destroy? Think New England or Chicago would sign him?


Healdsburg, California

Racist by Any Name

Payback for what?: I don't usually respond to these letters and sites, but Mr. Zarazúa II hides his own unique racism behind the attack on this country, the Minutemen ("The Hunted," by Megan Feldman, December 14) and in particular Mr. Kirby. Let's look at who the real racist is. "Payback is coming," he says (Letters, December 21). Payback for what? Payback for allowing the largest and longest illegal migration from one nation into another sovereign country? Payback for providing the finest medical services in the world to illegal immigrants without requesting a dime to be repaid? Payback for educating entire generations of children born in this country to illegal immigrants on the backs of its citizens and legal immigrants (there is a difference, even though you seem not to understand what it is), and not only educating them, but providing bilingual teachers to do so? Payback for allowing more than 600,000 foreigners to collect Social Security and Medicare benefits without ever having to work one day in America (I'm sure by now that number has increased dramatically)? Payback for the cost of crime committed by illegal immigrants in this country?

In some parts of the United States, more than 25 percent of federal prisoners are immigrants, not to mention state and local prisons. As much as 12 percent of felonies, 25 percent of burglaries and 34 percent of auto thefts are committed by illegal aliens.

Our generous immigration policy encourages illegal immigrants to exploit every loophole to get in. More and more pregnant women sneak across the border so their babies will be legal citizens and open the door to their families and welfare. In the first three months of 2006, Mr. Zarazúa, 70 percent of the babies born at Parkland hospital, right there in Dallas, were to illegal immigrants (and who bore the cost of that?), and you have the gall to say "payback is coming"?

To equate the flagrant disregard of this country's immigration laws and the patriots like Mr. Kirby as racists is ridiculous. By the very tone of your letter you show who the real racist is. You write, "It's not the brown man taking jobs from the black and white man, it is the fear that Amerikkka has in their hearts of colored people with power." America should fear that possibility. If the brown man, as you put it, attempts to govern this country the way Mexico has been governed, God help us all. No, I submit to you, you won't be there waiting with outstretched hands to help, as true Americans have, because there will no longer be an America to exploit. Further, as has so many times been explained, the issue with the Minutemen is not racism but border security. It seems you have a problem with that distinction also.

Charles L. Hart

Via e-mail

You put me right there: This was a wonderfully written article ("The Hunted"). I really enjoyed the way the writer made you feel like you were standing there with her. I don't agree with the Minutemen's views but think this is an excellent piece of work. Thanks.



Dallas Ex-pat

Atlanta is civic paradise?: I'm afraid I have to throw my hat in with Chris Delena (Letters, December 28). I, too, got sick and tired of the corruption of Dallas and left to live in Atlanta. Things like the obvious targeting of the Davenports' car wash, crooked City Hall officials, crooked cops beating up pedestrians and a blind eye by the city's major newspaper finally got the better of me.

I've been living in Atlanta for over a year, and I have to say I've never been happier.

The only thing that could possibly make me happier is federal indictments handed down to the crooks that run Dallas, along with their DPD henchmen.

Best wishes.

Reuben Owens



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