The Unfair Park Auction: One and Only One of This Year's Very Rare Ron Washington T-Shirts

The Unfair Park Auction: One and Only One of This Year's Very Rare Ron Washington T-Shirts

Speaking of fashion statements printed on tees ...

Last year, round this time, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington's face graced many an unlicensed T-shirt, most of which also featured his then-inescapable catchphrase. But for whatever reason -- the threat of cease-and-desists from the ball club and Major League Baseball, the ol' been-there-done-that -- the fashion trend played itself out (for the most part), even with the Rangers one game away from the team's first title.

Except: This week, I was handed the tee you see here, designed, so I am told, by the same guy who made this "classic cool" shirt during last year's post-season run. There are none available; the run was extremely limited for obvious reasons, and made available solely to friends of its maker. But I have one. Just one. It's XL. And I'm going to do with it what we did with some of last year's offerings: auction it off to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going, as always, to the North Texas Food Bank.

Bidding opens at $20, which is what the shirts were initially going for, so I am told. Leave your bid, and only your bid, in the comments below. The auction closes at 4 p.m.; the winner will need to bring a check payable to the NTFB by 5 today to Unfair Park HQ. Because after all, you'll need the shirt tonight, which can't get here soon enough. And ... go.

Update at 4 p.m.: Ol' Friend of Unfair Park Wylie H. is the winner at a whopping, impressive and quite moving $250. Thanks to all for playing. And if you still wanna have drinks, send $25 to the NTFB, and it's a done deal.

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