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The Way We Were

Thanks for the memories: Nice article about Dallas and San Antonio tracing their ABA history ("Us vs. Us," by Richie Whitt, May 11). I am an ABA fan, and thank you for bringing a couple more points to light in Dallas. I hope that you can bring more of your memories of the ABA in print. For a (very) few of us, the outlaw league with the most colorful history of any professional set is a pleasure to read about. I am 35, so I don't have too many recollections of the ABA when I lived in Dallas, but Loose Balls could very well be my favorite sports book, and I feel fortunate enough to have met older fans who would reconnect their history of the teams and players that they loved.

Dave Avery Banar


Readers respond to "Us vs. Us," "Devil Creek," more

Brenham, Texas

Served Cold

Paid back: Great article ("Sheriff Who?" by Matt Pulle, May 4). But the part about Lupe Valdez not exacting revenge on Chandler supporters was a bit off. I am president of the Dallas County Sheriff's Association, the largest employee group at the sheriff's department. I was fired because I was out with knee surgery and could not return to work within 12 weeks. After almost 30 years, I was terminated without being investigated or given a hearing.

Stan Thedford


Takes a Thief

Under the influence: Thanks so much for the review this week ("Blue Monsters," by Jesse Hughey, April 27)! It was very sweet. However, I do need to mention one thing: The line you chose as a lyrical critique is misquoted. It actually reads, "Woke from a fever dream--rotten peaches/bitter cream taste like fear." I know it's only one word, but there lies the difference between a play on words and a non sequitur. And for what it's worth, I'm the first one to cop to a rip-off, but Polyphonic Spree and Pilotdrift(!)? If you're looking for the mouth of the source on that one, listen to Abbey Road, The Soft Bulletin and Atom Heart Mother (I'm sure Tim DeLaughter did). Thanks again, and don't be a stranger.

Stephen Duncan,

The Chemistry Set


Rained Out

Ark time: I read with great interest "Devil Creek" (by Jim Schutze, March 30) regarding the serious flooding issue in East Dallas.

I live on Swiss Avenue at Grigsby and came within several inches of flooding that day in March. After living in my home for nearly six years and experiencing more than a few heavy rainfalls in that time, I was shocked at the level the water reached and feared greatly for my next-door neighbor who sits several feet lower than me (he came dangerously close to flooding).

Since that time, we have had two occasions where water encroached to levels we have not previously seen during comparable rainfalls.

From what I can tell, there are two main reasons that we are seeing this happen. First, and most obvious, the storm drains in the neighborhood are woefully outdated and incapable of handling the load of a serious rainfall. Second, and more disturbing, the widespread construction occurring on Ross and Live Oak is causing heavier than usual runoff and further straining the storm infrastructure.

We have spoken to the city about this and have received very little comfort in our travails. My hope is that likeminded neighbors, such as yourself (and we appear, based on your article, to be distant neighbors), with a voice and a pen (or at least a word processor) can help us with the visibility in the city that we need.

Every time it rains heavily, my wife and I stand on our porch praying that our home, which has never flooded since it was built in 1914, is not taken victim by this very serious problem. My hope is that you and I can continue this discussion and work together to spur action in City Hall.

Daniel Watters


U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Do nothings: "Southern Hospitality" (by Jim Schutze, April 13) is right on track. If the "illegal immigrants" want to stay in the U.S.A. they need to do two things: Pay all their back taxes and apply for temporary residency. Simple, right? Wrong. Our "red tape" government won't let it be that simple. Instead, our government wants to haggle over all the B.S. and drag this issue out until the next election and then still not accomplish anything.

David C.P.


Not so nice:You must have been at a totally different "rally" than the one I was at. I had things thrown at me, threatened, screamed at and had to be escorted around by riot police. I also saw the American flag being trampled on, singing "Viva Mexico" and "Down With America."

Are you sure you were in Dallas? It seems the media were at a totally different march than reality.




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