There's Greggo, One in a Series

There's Greggo, One in a Series

Reason No. 239 blog comments are a good thing: On Christmas, Friend of Unfair Park "whiskey a go go" posted a note to the Hawaii Bowl item that said, simply, "Here's a link to greggos show from last week." And, sure enough, one click later there was The Hammer on Wichita Falls AM radio. The archive's done been removed, but over on Sportatorium this morning, Richie follows up with a lengthy interview with John Clay Wolfe, who, like Mr. Whitt, has a show on 105.3 The Fan and also owns the thousand-watt signal further north currently broadcasting Greg Williams. It sounds like a country station at present, but Williams and Wolfe get going at 4 today. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm headed to Valley View to see some Scientologists.

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