"These Little Honeys Won't Kill Ya, But They're Guaranteed To Take a Foot Off."

Found this story this morning in the Army Times concerning the Army and Marine Corps' peeping "a new, long-range sniper rifle, designed to kill an enemy from as far away as 1,800 meters." Didn't know why it was datelined Dallas, till I realized the story stemmed a discussion held yesterday during the International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium -- which, turns out, runs through tomorrow at the Fairmont Hotel downtown. And just what's happening at the hotel and elsewhere 'round town?

"This Symposium is a premier event where the Small Arms communities come together for technical paper presentations, informational speakers and exhibits of the hardware used by current and future defense organizations. A firing demonstration will be scheduled for this event -- location TBD."

Which makes me wonder: Is Chevy Chase in town? Or Nic Cage, maybe? --Robert Wilonsky

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