This Is What Became of The Hands of God

This Is What Became of The Hands of God
Photo at left, Dallas Municipal Archives; at right, the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum

Yesterday, in the comments accompanying the item about the old central library on Commerce, George Gimarc asked this of the sculpture Dallasites once knew as Youth in the Hands of God: "Anyone recall the gigantic statue on the face of the building of the two open hands holding up a reader in the palms? My dad told me that the reader (a boy) was supposed to be naked but got half-dressed before it was installed. Wonder where that sculpture is now?"

(As you may recall, George's dad had a little something to do with the construction of the adjacent Statler Hilton. And if you don't recall, prepare to be wowed.)

To which Noah Jeppson, author of the inspiration for the post in the first place, responded thusly last night: "The artist purchased the sculpture back in 1993 because the City didn't have funds to maintain it. It's now at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum."

Here, perhaps, is an even more extraordinary photo from the museum: Fredericks at the installation of the sculpture.

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