Flickr photo: Lost Tulsa

Those Were Record Days

In the wake of the news of CD World's shuttering, a Friend of Unfair Park who swears we've never met but who clearly shares my love of Dallas nostalgia sends along this link to a year-old piece about Dallas's long-lost record stores. Among those name-checked: Hit Records, the Melody Shop, Metamorphosis Records and Oklahoma-started, Dallas-ended Sound Warehouse, shuttered in the mid-1990s by Blockbuster. Which leaves plenty of space for those who recall their beloved Peaches, which Mom preferred for whatever reason; Direct Hit in Exposition Park, which seems to be a description of the neighborhood reeling from the loss of Bar of Soap and Meridian Room in recent days; and the likes of VVV and the Record Gallery. Ah, Record Gallery. --Robert Wilonsky


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