Time: It's "Coy" Bailey Hutchison! Haw.

Time: It's "Coy" Bailey Hutchison! Haw.

In the wake of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's comments on WBAP yesterday -- you recall, she said she'd quit the Senate in October or November to chase Governor Rick Perry down Congress Avenue -- Time weighs in with a wrap-up that wonders, "Kay Bailey Hutchison is Running for Governor! (Or Is She?)." The piece says Hutchison's always been something of a tease when it comes to running for governor, and that, following comments made later on Wednesday in which she appeared to hedge her bets, the senator's current "in-and-out attitude is frustrating Hutchison's would-be Senate successors, both Democrats and Republicans, who are chomping at the bit to get a definitive step-down date from her." Speaking of, you read Jim's column this week? No reason.

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