Tom Hicks and Jon Daniels Can't Wait to Meet You!

Your Texas Rangers have the worst record in the majors: 26 wins and 43 losses. So of course owner Tom Hicks would give general manager Jon Daniels a contract extension through the 2009 season; only makes sense, when you think about it.

And if you're in the mood to ask Hicks, "Like, WTF, dude?" do feel free to go see him this morning -- in 20 minutes, actually -- at the Rangers' new store on McKinney Avenue, which is all of six days old. Then ask Daniels the same question; he'll be there too, as one assumes this is the punishment one gets for receiving a reward whilst in the midst of The Worst Season Ever. Then ask Richie Whitt the same question; he'll be there as well, no doubt to file an afternoon report for the three Friends of Unfair Park left who give a Whitt about Your Texas Rangers. --Robert Wilonsky

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