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Tom Hicks' Folly

Start from scratch: I've been watching this franchise flounder since its inception ("Boy Blunder," by Richie Whitt, July 12), and it sickens me more to watch them with each passing year. I played three years of pro baseball myself, but for a small-market, shallow-pocket team affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers. I have not been to a Rangers game in years, since their last collapse against the Yankees with our steroid boys Rafael and Juan leading that ill-fated, no-pitching squad, and will never attend another game.

I have even stooped to interacting with the overpaid robot sportswriters over at Belo, and even they reluctantly agree that this team should be sold to whomever would buy it and start from scratch. Hicks is completely disconnected, incompetent, has no real commitment to this team or this city and appears to already be well into Alzheimer's with the Daniels hire. Daniels is a punk with no track record or respect among the real teams and GMs in this league.


Texas Rangers

Mike Serviente


Jesus and Harry Potter

Excellent kids' fantasy lit: Congratulations to Mr. Jared Binder on a story that is accurate, balanced and reflective of what is happening in our real world! ("Mild About Harry," July 12.) I've done many interviews on the topic of Harry Potter and am usually disappointed at the way the story turns out, often skewed to make Christians look like irrational Harry Potter-bashers. The reality is that most in the Christian community—especially academics—have come around to accept these books as excellent children's fantasy literature. Thanks to Mr. Binder for excellent reporting!

Connie Neal

Author of The Gospel According to Harry Potter


Moral ambiguity: Your article on the growing Christian acceptance of Harry Potter discussed the criticisms aimed at the book by David Haddon of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. You report that he is concerned about the "anti-Christian" nature of the book and its "moral ambiguity." Perhaps he has confused "non-Christian" with "anti-Christian." I doubt that J.K. Rowling has sought to attack the church. The moral ambiguity charge is puzzling; many on the religious right loudly celebrate the Ten Commandments and at the same time proudly announce their support for the war. So much for the literal meaning of the Word or the words "Thou shalt not kill."

Randy Johnson


Tonex's Naked Truth

Ex-wannabe: What G. Craige Lewis (Buzz, by Andrea Grimes, July 12) doesn't want the gospel world to know is that several ministers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will not allow him to come into their churches and slang his products of misinformed, self-serving indulgence to their congregations. Lewis didn't mention that he has attempted to destroy the careers and reputations of several outstanding men and women of faith. When punishment is rendered, it will also fall on ex-wannabes.

Ted Coleman


Missing the Mark

You stink: I find your comments regarding Michael Mark's Trattoria rude and hateful ("Do It Yourself," by Merritt Martin, July 12). We eat there frequently and enjoy the fact that it is "nestled" away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not only is MMT kid-friendly and mom-friendly but couple-friendly too. I have never had a meal like you have described. Not only have you done a disservice to a wonderful neighborhood restaurant that has been nothing but wonderful to its customers by providing excellent service and food but a disservice to those folks who deserve to try something neighborhood-friendly and created from the heart. Your opinion of this restaurant stinks.

Elise Bissell


A loyal patron: Wow, I was totally dumbfounded at your review of Michael Mark's Trattoria. I've read a lot of your criticism in the Dallas Observer and tend to be on your side more often than not, but I think you really missed the "mark" on this one. As a Richardson resident and a patron of this restaurant, it's not often that we get a non-chain restaurant of any quality. True, we have the market cornered on Chinese food, but Italian, fuggedaboutit. I've eaten at Michael Mark's probably a half-dozen times and have not been in the least bit disappointed. I think the proof is in the fact that the place is always packed. If the food really did suck, I can't imagine why they would have such a loyal patron base. OK, so I'm not a professional food critic, but for my money, this is my favorite Italian restaurant in the area.

Geoff German


Hit it on the head: Boy, did you ever hit it on the head with your review of Michael Mark's Trattoria! I had the misopportunity to try this place for lunch and couldn't agree more with your review. I started with the Caesar salad that was drowned in what tasted like Kraft blue cheese dressing or something similar. I make my own salad dressing (it's so easy!) and know the taste of "bottled," and this was it. Not only were the greens a bit old, but they weren't well-drained and were floating on a pool of ice water. I rarely send back food, but this was inedible so I thought I would order a simple burger cooked medium. It arrived not only well-done, but I found that some "binders" were used, something like a soy-bread crumb additive. Two bites of that "burger" were more than my palate could stand for a day, so I paid my tab and left.

Ed Bamberger



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