Tomorrow, the City Council Will Review Its New Year's Resolutions. Such As ...

Tomorrow morning Mayor Mike, City Manager Mary Suhm and the city council will chit and chat about what they hope to get done by year's end. Nothing much -- just things like, "Improve Dallas' standing among safest large cities (1M population) from 7th to 5th." And: "Further develop affordable housing downtown." And: "Bring the citywide Complete Streets vision to reality, including implementation of the bike plan." And: "Pass an ordinance creating a Tourism Public Improvement District to market Dallas." And: "Ensure no lobbyist has an advantage at City Hall." Good one.

At 85 pages the briefing titled "Budgeting for Outcomes: Key Focus Area Team Presentations" provides a lengthy laundry list of to-do's; should make for a good show. And here's a shorter but more specific companion piece, culled from council members' suggestions made during and following the October retreat. Such as: "Review the water quality of the Trinity River." Good one.

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