Brett Shipp

Tomorrow, WFAA's Brett Shipp Is the Subject of an Exposé on PBS

In October 2006, Benny and Martha Cryer of Wylie were killed when natural gas, leaking beneath their home, ignited and exploded, trapping them beneath fiery debris. One year later, WFAA-Channel 8's Brett Shipp revisited the story to find out why no one had been held responsible for the couple's deaths -- and whether or not theirs was an isolated incident or something likely to happen again (and again and again). And one year after that, Shipp's investigation is the subject of its own investigation -- this time on PBS as part of its Blueprint America series, which is digging into the nation's infrastructure.

Tomorrow night at 7 on KERA-Channel 13, Bill Moyers Journal, in conjunction with Exposé: America's Investigative Reports, will air a segment titled "Beneath the North Texas Dirt." Says the Web site, the piece is "about how Brett Shipp... found that state regulators, along with local power companies, have for decades ignored fatal design flaws in the vital infrastructure that brings natural gas into thousands of American homes." A video preview follows after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky


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