(Trail Safety) Signs o' the Times

(Trail Safety) Signs o' the Times

Exactly two months ago, Angela Hunt spoke to Unfair Park about the work the Friends of the Katy Trail had done to put on paper "a really thoughtful, long-term plan for how to deal with safety needs" along the city's hike-n-bike trails system following the death of Lauren Huddleston in October, when a cyclist crashed into the jogger along the Katy Trail, and a car-and-cyclist collision two weeks later. On Monday, the council's Quality of Life Committee will finally take a long, hard look at the Trail Safety Initiatives, with this briefing put together by Parks and Rec.

What you see above are new (and very Amazon.com-my?) signs Parks and Rec's proposing to plant along the trails this spring; they're but one piece of a much larger program intended to get those using the city's 270.9 miles of trails to turn down, slow down and look out. Also on the immediate to-do list: having officers patrol the trails between 10 to 16 hours Monday through Friday, fixing the "at-grade" street crossings and putting guidelines on the city's website. Just be careful out there.


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