Tramp In Your Field

Mark Walters
Tramp In Your Field

Much more in coming hours and days from the Dallas reunionclusterfuckubration last night out at Southfork Ranch in Parker -- the most muddled, exhilarating, disastrous (for some), astounding (for others) W-in-TF night in the history of the 30-year-old TV show, putting it mildly. (Seriously? Riots are better organized.) Till then, then, this photo from Mark "Big Fanboy" Walters, who was among the 18 -- 18, no shit -- out of thousands and thousands who stuck around till the great Billy Joe Shaver closed down the party a little past midnight-thirty in the expansive field in front of the Ewing's ancestral home. The Corsicana-born Shaver, for damned sure the last of the Texas Outlaws, performed as though in front of thousands -- somewhere between catharsis and breakdown, a bark at the moon as he welcomed Sunday morning with his familiar roar, "If you don't love Jesus, you can go to hell!" Our small group's snap verdict: Best. Concert. Ever. --Robert Wilonsky

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