Trinity Tussle|Defense Wins Championships

Trinity Tussle

Time for Honesty: I am not one who is inclined to get overly involved in the politics of Dallas ("Gunfight at the Trinity," by Jim Schutze, October 18). I am a lifelong Dallas resident and I have watched the morphing of how our city runs and does not run. I used to be proud of how well the city worked, but I am not now. This toll road project reeks. I will not support it. It is time for the leaders of our city to be forthright in regard to our bond elections and complete the projects as presented. Bond elections are not blank checks, nor are they opportunities to play a shell game. Jim, I do not always agree with you, but you are right on this one.

Joe Driscoll


Trinity River project


Confused: Schutze refers to a "Yes" vote or a "No" vote on November 6. And, signs throughout the city also refer to "Yes" and "No." It is bad enough to keep straight that if you are against the toll road you are saying "Yes." However, the actual ballot, I am told, will say "For" and "Against." In the Orwellian fashion you would expect for this contest, then, if you are AGAINST the toll road, be sure to vote "For."

Norton Rosenthal


Tough Sell: Jim Schutze and Sam Merten are Dallas' version of the famous Watergate reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. Their coverage of the Trinity River toll road issue has brought to light many areas of concern related to the development of the Trinity River project.

Now that Dallas voters have a second chance to address this issue, I hope toll road backers realize the reality of this and embrace the opportunity both sides now have to simply state their case and allow democracy to play out. I understand how former Councilman Craig Holcomb must feel at this time. Having to present your case before Dallas voters for a second time with a backdrop of embarrassing news reports of FBI Dallas City Hall corruption indictments, published news coverage and articles exposing unethical and biased actions related to the upcoming Trinity River project referendum vote on November 6 originating inside the offices of the Dallas city manager's office, and the distasteful growing disclosure of toll road backers' continual use of the word "parkway" to describe what really is a turnpike with 55 mph traffic filled with huge cargo trucks alongside a tranquil setting of parks and open space is a tough job to sell twice to Dallas' voters.

I thought I'd heard it all, but I actually heard a rap song about this issue yesterday. What's next? Mariachi Mexican street bands selling a toll road to Dallas' Hispanic voters?

Rafael Rodriguez


Thanks DMN: I've been meaning to write you for months about the superb and courageous work you do—especially on the Trinity project sham. I'm finally moved to do it by The Dallas Morning News profile I just read.

How laughable that the worst thing they can say about your work is nonsense that the powers that be have always been totally upfront about their Trinity plans. It has always been promoted accurately, they whine. Just look at their fine print for proof. Geez.

I pray the citizens win this one, but as we both know, we are terribly outgunned with the greed-creed interests. Whatever the outcome, please keep up your great research, prowling and writing. You and your paper are doing one hell of a service to your neighbors.

Fred Mirick


Defense Wins Championships

No Super Bowl: Amen, Brother Whitt ("The Dumbsday Defense," by Richie Whitt, October 18). Finally the Cowgirls' soft defensive underbelly has been exposed. I like the offense, with the notable exceptions of T.O.'s weekly clutch drops and Romo's first-half panic attacks. However, we have not played anybody until last Sunday, and watching the next NFC Champion Giants the past four weeks, we can expect a loss to them our next trip to the Meadowlands.

The sad truth is, our secondary is swiss cheese, and outside of Demarcus Ware, we have zero pass rush from our defensive line. We will not be going to the Super Bowl anytime in this decade with this defense.

Mike Serviente


On target: While everybody else in the newspapers and on television is bemoaning our offense's slow starts or Wade Phillips' bad decisions, you nailed the real problem: our pass defense, or lack thereof. If it doesn't get fixed, this season is going nowhere. Kudos for your perspective.




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