T.V. Time, or: Why T.D. Jakes Couldn't Pray With Barack Obama Tuesday

As I mentioned Tuesday night, T.D. Jakes, of The Potter's House, was all over MSNBC during its Election Night coverage -- up until he was bumped at the moment Ohio was called for Barack Obama. Jakes is about to get his own TV show courtesy Dr. Phil, and Broadcasting & Cable wonders why he got so much time on NBC when the show's being shopped by CBS Television Distribution.

Of course, the answer's simple: The Dallas preacher is among Obama's spiritual advisors, as evidenced in this Time piece from today that documents a planned conference call on Tuesday morning that was to include Jakes and a handful of other religious leaders with whom Obama wanted to, ya know, pray it out before the returns came in. But Obama was running a little late, and Jakes had to bail -- so he could go on TV. --Robert Wilonsky


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