Two Out of Three Owners Ain't Bad

Two sports items with which to begin your Friday, starting with the news that the NBA's looking into comments Mark Cuban made earlier this week to CNNMoney's Poppy Harlow concerning his interest in LeBron James. That's the interview in question above. But, in short: Was the Mavs man tampering by even mentioning Bron Bron and a side-and-trade before the free-agency opening bell officially sounds July 1? Officials are also investigating Poppy Harlow for her connection to a string of bank robberies in Gotham City and Metropolis ...

And, late last night, Sports Business Journal sent word that it named Jerry Jones its 2010 Sports Executive of the Year. There were three other finalists in that category, among them NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who no doubt pulled a Faith Hill when the winner's name was announced at the Marriott Marquis in New York City last night. Cowboys Stadium, not surprisingly, was named Sports Facility of the Year. You suck, Yankees Stadium.


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