Um, Jim ... Redux

Look, we went almost a whole day without mentioning the Trinity River toll road and The Dallas Morning News -- I know, right? Alas, seems we oughta point out that The News' managing editor, Gentleman George Rodrigue, is back at it today with another shot across Jim's bow. In today's installment of "Ask the Editor," Rodrigue takes issue with Jim's response on Friday to the M.E.'s earlier column, in which Rodrigue branded Schutze a polemicist. I know, right? From today's column, toward the end: "Even the most gifted polemicist has a license only to stretch the truth, not to murder it. Columns built on falsehoods aren't good polemics." That's just sexy talk right there.

Like I said this morning, Jim's off serving his city at the Williams Institute's annual conference at the Adam's Mark Hotel. No doubt he'll get to Rodrigue in his own good time. In the meantime, you can read Eric Celeste's take here. Or you can read Jim's column about the Trinity River toll road that appeared in yesterday's ... waitaminute ... no, yeah, that's right ... Dallas Morning News. And for the record, Schutze thought the illustration of him and D's emperor Wick Allison looked like "a two-headed hermaphrodork." --Robert Wilonsky


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