Unbreaking News: Dirk Done with Gold-Digger

Dirk got duped. He went for an elaborate head fake and embarrassingly got caught in the air with nowhere to land.

It could have been worse.

Hpefully now that he's talking about his ordeal with ex-fiancee Cristal Taylor in Germany it won't be front-page news in Dallas.

"I had some bad judgment," Dirk said yesterday in an interview that made zero sense to me until Google translated, "and that was it."

Dirk's a private guy and this whole thing - evidenced by his spectacular play against Denver - didn't affect his play. He got duped. He made a mistake. It happens.

Two lessons here:

1. Always - and I mean always - perform a thorough background check of your partner before sex.

2. When Dallas' Only Daily gets an interview Cristal Taylor, it's blaring news across the top of the front page of the entire paper. When Dirk Nowitzki grants his first interview in Germany, it's buried on page 4 in sports. Sin-sational.


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