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Uncle Sam Wants Latinos

We take nothing for granted: Your writer picked the wrong person to speak for the Army when it comes to Hispanics in the military ("Yo Soy el Army," by Megan Feldman, February 8). Corporal Leal is either very ignorant or has not been taught the history of Mexican-Americans and other Hispanics in the military. His comment about Hispanics born here taking their country for granted is slanderous and insulting to say the least.

My mother (born in this country) had six brothers. They all served in the military. Her son—my brother—served in Vietnam and stayed in the military reserve for the rest of his life. Likewise, my sister did the same. She started in the Navy during Vietnam. She went on to join the Air Force Reserves and then Army Reserves. Currently she is back on active duty with the Army, because she believes in keeping our future generations and her seven grandchildren free from terrorism.


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There are many family stories like mine. All these families contributed to the cause because they loved this country, not because they needed citizenship. Overzealous recruiters like Corporal Leal need to change their recruiting tactics if they want to attract the best to serve this wonderful country.

So if some of the young men of today feel they have to join, it may be that their families have done their share. It is very prejudicial to look down on Hispanics who decide to pick non-military careers. You don't have to join the armed services to serve your country.

Julia Soto Cabrera



Sick of it: I am closing my southern Dallas business next month. I'm tired of thieves, vandals, hookers, beggars, bootleggers, crackheads and dealers, and I'm sick of begging for but not getting help from the police ("Cheese Holes," by Jim Schutze, February 15). The DPD Southeast Patrol Division is an expensive, ineffective, out-of-control broken machine which is deaf to all but certain city council members. Jim Schutze's sixth story on Deputy Chief Paulhill's vendetta against certain legitimate businesspersons is only one sad story within a vastly corrupted department. Chief Kunkle is a nice man, but he is more adept at chasing skirts than chasing crooks. He needs to just go ahead and change his clothes and job title to public relations. Enjoy your pretty new bridges, Dallas.

Bob Brown


Crazy for Josh

A real tribute: Exceptionally well-written article on Josh ("I Heart Josh Howard," by Richie Whitt, February 15). Captures well who he is, how he feels and what he's about. Josh is an outstanding young man who has it together on and off the court. He's a real tribute to his family, his community, his team and his sport. Thanks!

Jim Howell

Jamestown, North Carolina

ADIDAJ: First of all I would like to commend Richie Whitt for writing this article. Every last word could not have been put any better. The passion that went into this was just remarkable. I am thankful that my co-worker brought this to my attention. I am a Josh Howard fan and have been for two years now. He was the reason I started getting into watching the Mav games on a regular schedule. ADIDAJ...ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT JOSH.

A year ago some of my co-workers, friends and associates called me crazy, but they didn't see what I saw. I can relate to being underdogged...people don't truly know your worth, and then once you start to shine everyone wants to act as though they've always been there for you. He is just a special individual, and the special people that have a calling in their life have to go through more. At least that is the way my mother broke it down to me.

The situation with his father not being in his life (his first experience with rejection) was one of the first hard knocks. All of the negative things that have happened have only come to make him stronger and make him a better man. Flowers have to go through dirt in order to grow...A pearl has to go through irritation in order to shine...Caterpillars have to go through the cocoon stage in order to become a butterfly.

Though he has been looked over several times it still doesn't make him less of a man or basketball player. He has matured in so many different ways, and he has a good head on his shoulders. Like he said, "There is more to life than basketball," and I look forward to seeing him in the near future possibly in a political role. I am just blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him this past December at my 26th birthday party. I remember saying to my best friend that I would love to have the opportunity to meet him. Then, what a surprise, he came walking into Maxwell's, and my heart just dropped because my prayers were answered. I asked him to dance, but he was too shy (LOL). It was just so cute. He was very down-to-earth and soft-spoken and respectful. Though I know he has plenty of the ladies in his face right now, I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to hang out with him again...who knows.

Though Jay was not picked as a starter for the All-Star team, he will always be an All-Star in my eyes. So to Josh I say, "Let the haters be jealous of you, but tell them not to stop at the good things that are going on in your life; tell them to be jealous of all the bad things you endured as well."

Stephanie Gilstrap


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