Union Station and Reunion Tower About to Get All Pucked Up

We told you it'd be a restaurant! Over at the Union Station shindig, which is currently under way with our crack interns in attendance, it was just announced that Wolfgang Puck will handle all the catering for Union Station's special events once the joint reopens in the fall, following the $55-million redo it's receiving, along with Reunion Tower.

Oh, and Puck's also getting the restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower -- that's probably the bigger news. According to Lauren Zanone-Alarcon, who's handling the chef's publicity, Puck is taking over Antares, which is in the process of being gutted and remade in Puck's image. Only, it isn't terribly surprising, considering the celeb chef currently has the contract at the Nasher Sculpture Center's cafe, where the overpriced food is a combination of "enh" and "pffft." What -- Stephan Pyles too busy? More to come from the event, after the boys return from their "news" buffet. --Robert Wilonsky


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