Up in Arms

Up in Arms

Call out the Army: Mr. John MacCormack has written an insightful essay on the plight of Americans who live along the Rio Bravo in the Vega Verde area ("Open Season," May 30). I would like to comment that I cannot understand why armed U.S. forces are not placed along the entire U.S/Mexican border. Our constitutional right is to defend our country against invasion as put forth by our founding fathers, but although we defend the borders of many other countries, our own are left to people like those around Vega Verde who have no choice but to do it themselves. In Arizona we have a similar situation at Douglas, where Americans must surround themselves with razor wire and iron bars.

And yet, Mexicans who enter our country illegally are awarded large settlements because our legal system thinks more of the rights of Mexican thieves, liars and criminals who pledge their loyalty to Mexico and not America, who speak only Spanish, saying it will be the language of the land in 20 years anyway. We are on our way to becoming another Third World country, and I am in despair over the inevitability of that. If I lived in Vega Verde or Douglas, I would keep a gun by my side at all times, to defend my life and my property, in memory of the men who gave us our liberty and the right to bear arms. But then, I am in my twilight years, part of those who still hold those rights to be their heritage. How times change.

Natalie M. Warford
Scottsdale, Arizona

Good shootin': I do not approve of Blackwood killing the Mexican, but I do condone, support and praise Blackwood for doing what our government refuses to do. Regardless of whether the invader was Iraqi or common criminal, defending your country should be practiced by all Americans. "Good job, Sam."

Maria Covarrubias
Via e-mail

Hazardous occupation: I am an American Hispanic female, 5 feet 2 inches tall and certainly not a "burly" Vietnam vet, but if I lived by the Mexican border, I would become a vigilante as well. I am behind Mr. Bordelon's actions. Since ours has become a lawless country where our politicians and law enforcement authorities don't protect Americans and their property, we have to do it ourselves. No doubt about it, I would shoot any illegal alien trying to break into my home! Illegals have to understand that breaking into our country and our homes is a hazardous occupation.

Haydee Pavia
Laguna Woods, California

Madness: Are we living in a world gone mad? What are the legal citizens of this country to do when set upon by hordes of illegal aliens that state and federal governments ignore? The shootings are tragic, but where is government responsibility to protect our borders and citizens?

Even Bordelon's attorney has it wrong; what is he talking about when he uses the Berlin Wall analogy? The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in East Germany, not keep illegal aliens out!

It's a sad day when Americans can no longer protect their families and property from illegal acts by illegal aliens. Where will it all end?

Michael Schmidtman
Cotati, California

Stocking up: These shootings of illegal aliens crossing the border will eventually spread throughout the United States (I hope it does). I'm stocking up on ammo ASAP!! The politicians keep picking their noses while the taxpayers cover the "no brain no pain" strategy just to buy more votes.

D.J. Breen
Des Moines, Iowa

Rave for a Rave

Details, details: I just read your review of the new Paul Westerberg record, and I wanted to drop you a note and tell you it's one of the best--if not the best--reviews I've read of Stereo/Mono (Hear, There, April 18). Unlike other critics, you obviously put some actual thought into your review, and it's just so refreshing to see that. I bought the record the day it came out, and after a few days I realized it was brilliant. I couldn't wait to read reviews of the record, and when I did I was totally disappointed--no one went into detail as to why the record was so great. But yours did, and I really appreciated that.

Jenny Stewart
Via e-mail

Barking up Wrong Tree

Disposable pets: I have dealt with the Oak Cliff animal shelter twice. Once for a lost dog without tags and once when I was bitten by a dog I had recently adopted, not from the Dallas shelter. Both times the customer service was prompt, professional and courteous. Let me understand the Humane Society's complaints ("Helter Shelter," May 30).

Staff was playing "loud music, laughing and talking inside the room while euthanasia was being carried out." If you couldn't distance yourself from that job, there is no way the number of animals that unfortunately require euthanasia would be taken care of.

"Animals are dragged into the room and shoved into cages with poles." I guess there is no chance a stray, scared animal might not bite you. Not to mention that a stray might not have its shots.

Finally, "some [euthanized] animals...were immediately thrown into the cart with dead animals." With so many animals meeting their end in this manner, there is not enough time for memorial services.

Perhaps the U.S. Humane Society should spend more of its time and money educating those who view animals as a disposable commodity and those who choose not to sterilize their animals, not reporting on the actions of those forced to clean up their mess.

Keith Venturoni
Via e-mail


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