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The greatest ever: How do you like being called an "idiot"? ("Our Idiot Kicker," by Richie Whitt, September 7.) What if every time you wrote an article or said something--anything--people started calling you an "idiot writer"? Give Mike Vanderjagt a chance--he holds the NFL record, for Pete's sake. He had to get there by doing something right.

As for Peyton Manning, he's just a whiny little shit. He couldn't handle the media asking him questions at the Pro Bowl. He could have responded with "no comment" but instead decided to be a smart-ass and say what he did--knowing damn well it was defamatory. Did anyone come down on Peyton? Hell no! They fed on it and just kept it going.


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Afterward, Peyton couldn't be a man and publicly apologize for his antics. He did apologize but only in what he considered a safe manner. Mike was man enough to publicly apologize for what was said or wasn't said.

How would you like to have your child go to work with you only to see and hear people making remarks about you or to you? This is an example of the bullshit Mike gets while he's at work. See what whiny Peyton and the media started?

To all of you who want to keep it going--GIVE IT UP AND GET A LIFE! Get off his back, and let him do his job.

Or are you opportunistic? That is exploiting an opportunity with little regard for the consequences.

Have a nice day--GO COWBOYS!

J. Miller

Via e-mail

Tilting Against Bridges

Taking on the Trinity: Excellent article on Mitchell Rasansky ("The Lone Mitchell," by Jim Schutze, September 14). As usual, you are right on target. Thanks. I love reading you.

Anne Carlson


Sick, Twisted, etc.

White trashy: I had to write and tell you how distasteful I thought the article was on Michael Graves Faux Finishes ("Lust and Wallpaper," by Glenna Whitley, September 7). I have seen his work and was thinking just this weekend how I would love to have him do work for me at my home--then I see your article and the writer taking their own sick, twisted liberties in describing this amazingly talented artist. I wonder if Michael was as offended as I was at how all of his years of experience and expertise and talent were minimalized to faux porn! The writer needs to get a life. I hardly ever read the Dallas Observer, and now I remember why--edgy and white trash are two different things. If your writer was more of the former, maybe the article wouldn't have come off so much as being the latter. I hope Michael's reputation and work speak for themselves and are not affected by this sophomoric article. People wonder why Dallas is not known for its arts. How can we ever have a community of artists who feel supported when they have morons like this writer to contend with?

Curt Hadaway


The Juan and Only

Mexicans and the Divine: Re: "...we're the Chosen Juans." (Ask a Mexican, by Gustavo Arellano, August 31.) It was worth reading the whole article just for this terrific pun.

Fred Sawtelle

Glenn Heights


Piggy wiggy: I wonder if we put one of these hog-hugging PETA types in a pen with a wild hog if they would change their mind ("High on the Hog," by Todd Spivak, August 24). Probably not--they would just try to negotiate with it. If it was tearing up their family's farmland, thus affecting their livelihood, they would think differently.

Blake Wilson


Girl Does Crawford

Peace protesters aren't always lame: This was a good article, albeit a little long on the details ("Give Peace a Dishtowel," by Andrea Grimes, August 24). It's good to see the camp in Crawford is teaching something positive. Now it would be nice to read something respectful about the troops that have to follow orders from this stupid administration. Like the Marines that are in recall and have no choice. It would be very refreshing to read a story that would both show support for them, bash the troop-bashers and bash the people in power for making stupid decisions. After all, these men and women enlisted in the service to protect our freedoms, like freedom of speech--the same freedom that protects protesters at a soldier's funeral without any respect for grieving families. I'd really like to read a story about that.

Jenna Holtz


Bible Bashers

We are not simple-minded boobs: I read with great umbrage your news article regarding the Episcopal Reverend David Roseberry ("Thou Shalt Not," by Jesse Hyde, July 27). The article pontificated that "he [Roseberry] believes that the Bible is the authoritative word of God and that homosexuality cannot be reconciled with it." It goes on to say: "These beliefs--seemingly more suited to a simple evangelical than the studied leader of a mainline church--were chipped away years ago in his denomination, discarded as relics of an earlier, less inclusive, less enlightened time."

The insinuation is that belief in the Bible as the authoritative word of God is for uneducated, unstudied, simple-minded boobs who cannot think for themselves. Thanks a lot. This is nothing more than arrogant liberal opinion masquerading as news.

The Reverend Christopher Ewing



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