Video of the Week: Cowboys Fans Are Retarded

It's Friday. I know, let's implement a new feature. And let's call it: Video of the Week.

To get the party started, how about 10:36 of a Cowboys-Bengals preview featuring “King Solomon”, “concubines” and “the Emperor”? Oh, and “really abrupt editing.”

In picking Cowboys 31, Bengals 17, this guy – who I don’t think is joking one bit – and his "Cowboys Imperial Report" sees Terrell Owens with over 100 yards and two touchdowns this Sunday, DeMarcus Ware with a couple of sacks and Pacman Jones with his first pick of the season.

He also signs off with “God Save the Cowboys.” Maybe it’s just me, but don’t the Bengals need a tad more saving? -- Richie Whitt


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