Waiting to Find Out Why Imam's on ICE

I just spoke with Carl Rusnock, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Dallas spokesman, about why the U.S. government is trying to deport Imam Safdar Razi, as mentioned below. And, at the moment, Rusnock has no further information. He says he was asked "to investigate this case over the weekend," but says he was given the wrong name. "We didn't have anything in our records," he tells Unfair Park. That has since been corrected.

"We are in the process of researching that case" at this very moment, he says. "We're gathering the information," he says, "and should have it some time today." As Razi's Dallas-based attorney Karen Pennington noted in the Austin American-Statesman yesterday, the imam "is seeking political asylum in the United States because his religious worker visa was turned down." Pennington couldn't be reached this morning. --Robert Wilonsky


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