Wasn't the First Time Tom Leppert Was Wrong

Wasn't the First Time Tom Leppert Was Wrong
From video by Jeremy McKane

Something about the Omni ribbon-cutting photo below, featuring Larry Hagman and Linda Gray and Not-Mayor Tom, gnawed at Friend of Unfair Park Ed D. all weekend. Then, last night, it hit him: In October 2010, at the topping-out ceremony for The People's Hotel, Leppert said: "The bottom line is, this isn't the Dallas of J.R. anymore." Except, well, you know ...

Above is a screen grab from freshly minted short film of Friday's gala grand opening. It was shot by photographer Jeremy McKane, whose work is among the framed items featured in the hotel -- otherwise known, he says, as "North Texas's Largest Commercial Art Gallery." The full video follows.

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