Waste of Good Air

Waste of Good Air

Alive and well: There are many things that keep the Dallas music scene alive and well, all the way from Gypsy Tea Room to the Rock, from Polyphonic Spree to Pimpadelic, from Club Dada to Trees, from Jibe to Chomsky, from Galaxy to Club Clearview, from Pleasant Grove to Slow Roosevelt, from Spider Babies to Juicy Lucy's, from Edgewater to Deathray Davies, from Inferno to Muddy Waters, from Earl Harvin to Sugarbomb, from Poor David's Pub to the Boar's Nest, and from Shackleford Brown to the Havana Boys. As well as Bowling For Soup, the pAper chAse, Doosu, Lift to Experience, Tek 3, Sub Oslo, Alligator Dave, Reverend Horton Heat, Spoonfed Tribe, Evamore, Big Iron, Eleven Hundred Springs, Undeniable, Sorta, Drowning Pool, Ohno, Pornlab, Sparrows, Flickerstick, and the list goes on to bands like Huver, Zac Maloy Band, Vallejo, Olospo, Larry, Brave Combo and MC 900 Ft. Jesus, not to mention the hundreds of up-and-coming bands Dallas has to offer.

There are only a few things that keep the Dallas music scene from reaching its maximum potential by attempting to divide the scene into a who-sucks and who-doesn't, one-side-or-the-other, all-or-nothing theory, and at the top of the list for as long as I can remember are the writers of the Dallas Observer's Street Beat and Scene Heard columns. They think that their opinion means everything, and none of the thousands of other opinions mean anything. Just remember, when they say something that you like is shit, they are basically saying that your opinion is shit. Hopefully, Zac Crain will someday realize that the scene could not survive on his little handful of bands with only two or three clubs to play at, that most of the bands that he supports are the minority in keeping the Dallas music scene alive and well, and that most people think that his opinion is shit and that he sucks. Zac Crain is a sorry excuse of a person and a true waste of good air.

As for me and the Curtain Club/Liquid Lounge, Zac Crain says he's been around for five years. Well, I've been around for 15 years, and I have every bit of confidence that my contributions to the scene far outweigh his one-sided opinion of what's best for Dallas. Curtain Club chooses to be an all-local music venue with an open mind and an open door to all local bands. Four years ago, the Dallas Observer printed a comment that the Curtain Club would be dead and closed in six months with its all-local, all-the-time policy. Well, we are still here and get bigger and stronger as each year passes. Someday Zac Crain will be just another has-been at the Dallas Observer and the Curtain Club will still be standing strong. Also, I would like to say that when you create a nomination board that includes half of the bands that end up on the ballots, that just happen to play at the same clubs most of the time, that just happen to be the bands that you praise over and over every week, and you exclude the other 80 percent of the bands that you just happen to rag on every chance you get, that's what makes you the low-life scum that you are. Next year, you should just call it the Zac Crain Music Awards, because calling it the Dallas Observer Music Awards is nothing more than a joke in most of the music community's minds.

Doug Simmons
Owner and booking manager,
Curtain Club/Liquid Lounge

Groan: Good grief, Dave Lane! I was enjoying your piece about Chomsky in the 2002 Dallas Observer Music Awards article (April 18), but this groaner brought me up short: "The key to Chomsky's success is their broad, but not bland, appeal: They are cute enough for your girlfriend to like, but harmless enough for you to allow her to."


Well, Mr. Allow-Her-To, I would respond to this, and wittily, but I have to go ask my sig oth if it's allowed. Sheesh.

Pam Hatley
Fort Worth

No Love lost: I am writing in response to a letter written by Kimberly Love Duncan (April 25). Kim, I'm sorry you thought my acceptance speech at the Dallas Observer Music Awards was rude, as my intentions were nothing but genuine gratitude toward people who don't make assumptions about me or my band. So you can see how humorously ironic your letter was, accusing me of things that you don't really have a clue about.

First, when I thanked people who work at clubs for not assuming I was just somebody's girlfriend, the "somebody" I was referring to was not my boyfriend. I was speaking of the times when my band has shown up for a gig and I'm immediately marked as a guest of the band, while my male bandmates are marked as band members without question. Many people assume that because I'm a girl I must be a tag-a-long, groupie or girlfriend of one of the band members. You'd be surprised at how often this happens, even after doing this for six years.

My second point is this: My band had been together four years, received interest from Beatville Records, had been playing great shows and getting songs played on my boyfriend's radio show all long before he and I ever knew each other. Maybe Dallas Observer readers heard of my band because we've played more than 150 shows since we moved here three years ago, or because we do our best to promote our shows. Or maybe they heard of us on my boyfriend's radio show. Well, by that rationale, that's probably where they heard Chomsky, The Deathray Davies, Pleasant Grove, Slobberbone, the pAperchAse, Chao, [Daryl], Macavity and countless other bands nominated for awards. Unless there's something my boyfriend isn't telling me, I'm pretty sure he's not dating Sean Halleck, Tim DeLaughter or any other musicians who won awards.

It's completely fine if you don't like my band. I just hope that the next time you decide to form an opinion about somebody it will be a well-informed one. Contrary to your image of me as a manipulative egomaniac, I really am a very nice person.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rob an orphanage and club baby seals.

Sara Radle
Via e-mail


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